18 Oct 2022

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CEE Digital Summit 2022. The industry has set the direction

At the CEE Digital Summit in Warsaw the region's digital industry representatives presented a document that sets the path for the whole Three Seas region. These are proposals for the enactment of a detailed declaration by the Central and Eastern European countries.

The document presented at the CEE Digital Summit in Warsaw 13 October is a proposal for strengthening the pan - European digital development and signing the charter of the Three Seas Initiative's digital cooperation.

- The CEE digital industry's continues efforts to create a competitive, innovative digital economy and a prosperous, secure, modern civil society in the region. Guidelines included in the declaration and calls for the charter implementation are part of the said efforts – said the President of Digital Poland Association Michał Kanownik. - We want to emphasise the respective ways of cooperation that we jointly set for the Three Seas Initiative - he added.

Reaching that point when Europe becomes able to meet all the demands that the digital age entails is one of the European Commission's priorities for the upcoming years. Focusing on the digitalisation development is the only way to achieve a proper economic growth in the region. Now, during the time of war in Ukraine, we see this more clearly than before – stressed the President of Digital Poland Association.

Shared vision, joint actions

The authors of the document stated that providing an appropriate level of cyber-security, both for citizens, businesses and critical infrastructure should be considered a key issue for the Three Seas Initiative. Furthermore, it is crucial to create a flywheel for digital infrastructure investments through extensive transformation.

It is also important to acquire financing from European Union funds and programmes for digital transformation. Promoting dialogue and consultation on digital change cannot be neglected either.

According to the industry, promoting research, investment and education is essential. Advocating the digital technologies such as cloud computing, 5G and 6G networks, the implementation of Industry 4.0 and AI, IoT and machine learning solutions is of the utmost importance for the development of the region's societies and economies. Providing the right infrastructure for the use, management, processing and storage of data should not be forgotten either.

The document presented by the CEE Digital Coalition points to the need for constant upgrading of the region's societies' digital competences. In order to prevent digital exclusions actions must be taken. To name a few, people must be granted access to the necessary know-how. Their awareness and competences must be gradually improved too.

It is also important to monitor the ever-changing digital landscape and technological progress in order to accurately update the digital priorities of the Three Seas Initiative - that ought to be based on public consultation. On top of that establishing a digital working group or office for consultation and coordination across CEE withing the aforementioned areas are welcomed.

Digital industry's organisations of Central and Eastern Europe urge their countries' leaders to adopt a joint digital declaration and to put its principles into practice.